T.I.’s Hustle Gang Takeover Sway in the Morning & Freestyle Live

Hustle Gang Takeover NYC

TIP swings by Sway in the Morning with his whole Hustle Gang squad takeover.

Tip breaks down why he is drawn to each member.

Jacksonville native Tokyo Jetz says that it wasn’t until Lil Duval reposted her work that she started taking her artistry more seriously.

Atlanta rapper Yung Booke tells us what he’s learned so far about the industry.

And what inspired his single “H.I.T.V.” featuring London Jae.

London Jae speaks on his latest project Ambition and reveals why he had to let go of certain ambitions during his come up.

And RaRa speaks on why he got into production, rapping, and how he linked up with Tip.

If you haven’t yet make sure to look out for Hustle Gang live on tour in a city near you.

Check out hustlegangtour.com for details.

Make sure to follow T.I. on his Official Twitter for future updates on Hustle Gang.’

Check out the video below.


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